Soutien aux Conspirations des cellules de feu - Montpellier, fin décembre 2010

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À Montpellier, pendant les festivités d’une nouvelle année pour ce monde morbide, quelques tags sont apparus comme par magie (noire ?) sur la Cour d’assises et aux alentours tels que «Un flic = une balle - Un commissariat = un attentat» ; «Vive le communisme - Insurrection maintenant !» ; ou «Vive l’anarchie - Crevons ce monde !» et d’autres messages de soutien avant le procès des soi-disant membres des Conspirations de cellules de feu le 17 janvier…


Ce monde glauque est partout : nous serons partout à le combattre.


Guerre Sociale ! Solidarité !


Traduit du grec (Indymedia Athènes),
mercredi 5 janvier 2011.



Grèce : un groupe anarchiste revendique l’attentat de fin décembre


Un groupe extrémiste d’obédience anarchiste «La conspiration des cellules de feu» a revendiqué mercredi être l’auteur de l’attentat commis le 30 décembre devant un Palais de justice de la capitale grecque.


Leur presse (TF1), 5 janvier.





Greek guerrilla group claims Athens court blast


A Greek leftist urban guerrilla group claimed responsibility on Wednesday for a powerful explosion which damaged a court house in Athens last month.


The Conspiracy of Fire Cells, which also claimed a wave of parcel bombs sent from Greece to embassies and foreign governments abroad in November, said it staged the attack to protest the recent arrest of some its members.


“We dedicate the attack at the court house to our brothers,” it said in a pamphlet uploaded on a leftist internet website.


The group said it targeted the court ahead of the trial of 13 its members on January 17 and that it would continue to strike.


Police believed the claim was authentic but were still investigating, officials told Reuters.


The Athens courthouse was seriously damaged in the December 30 blast, which shattered windows of nearby buildings and wrecked at least eight cars.


There were no injuries as police had evacuated the area after an anonymous warning call that an explosive device on a parked motorcycle outside the court house would go off.


Greece has a decades-old history of leftist violence but some groups became more active after riots in December 2008, triggered by the police killing of a teenager.


Greek police have arrested more than 20 suspected members of guerrilla groups in the last two years.


Such groups target mostly government buildings, police stations and banks, mostly at night, and make warning calls.


The Conspiracy of Fire Cells initially specialized in arson attacks but turned to bombings in May 2009.


Leur presse (Reuters), 5 janvier.



Greek anarchists claim Athens court blast


A Greek radical anarchist group on Wednesday claimed responsibility for a bomb explosion outside an Athens court last month and threatened justice officials ahead of a trial of jailed group members.


“Modern inquisitors and judges, we publicly pledge that for every year of prison sentence heard by our brothers we will place a kilo of explosives in your house yards, your cars, your offices,” read a text posted on behalf of the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei on the Greek Indymedia website.


“In view of the political court martial in preparation… we will be sharp and merciless in our choices and actions,” the statement said.


The group said it was behind the explosion of a powerful bomb outside an Athens court on December 30.


On Wednesday it claimed to be “in a belligerent confrontation with the corrupt judicial mafia” and urged jail inmates to sabotage prison facilities.


Police on December 30 had evacuated the area around the Athens administrative court of first instance after warning calls were made to media and nobody was injured.


Over a dozen suspected members of the outfit, which in November also sent 14 parcel bombs to embassies in Athens and European government leaders, will be tried at high security Korydallos prison on January 17.


Last month a similar bombing campaign in Rome injured two people at the embassies of Switzerland and Chile and also targeted the Greek embassy.


It was claimed by an Italian anarchist group calling itself the Informal Federation of Anarchy, or FAI under its Italian acronym, which immediately expressed support to jailed Greek suspected militants.


Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei surfaced in the middle of the decade and until now had limited its activities to arson and minor bomb hits against government buildings and the offices and homes of politicians.


But on Wednesday, the group said it had “arms superiority” capable of taking on a police response.


“Whatever you do, we will continue to strike you,” it said.


Leur presse (Agence Faut Payer), 5 janvier.


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