Lutte des prisonniers en Grèce

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More than 1,000 prisoners on mass hunger strike in Greece; three-quarters of the entire prison population abstaining from prison meals


The past week has seen one of the largest wave of mobilisations in Greece’s prisons. During this time, more than 9,000 prisoners (out of a total prison population of approximately 12,600 nationwide) have been abstaining from the prison meals — meaning they only rely on privately supplied food. In the prisons where no grocery stores are in operation, prisoners abstaining from meals are therefore on hunger strike by default.


In addition, as of Monday December 6th, more than 1,000 prisoners across the country have gone on hunger strike. The prisoners’ demands include the de-congestion of prison buildings, overall improvement of detention conditions, true justice and shorter imprisonment times (full list of demands).


Monday, December 13th has been called as a day of action and demonstrations will take place across the country.


Constant updates (in Greek) at


This blog will be translating updates on the prisoners’ struggle as they come. 


From the Greek Streets, December 9, 2010.


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