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September 29: Fuck the sold-out unions, we strike


Today is the European Day of Action against austerity measures. In Greece, GSEE, the largest trade union in the country, sees not much going wrong and so, they have decided not to call a strike. Luckily, people have started taking matters in their own hands:

The book worker’s base trade union has called for a sector strike and a strike gathering at 10.30 am at Solonos and Asklipiou Str. 
— Workers in public transportation are abstaining from work and so, there will be no metro running in Athens from noon to 4pm; blue buses and trolleys will not run from 11am to 4 pm; the suburban railway will not run from noon to 5pm and National Rail will be on strike from noon to 5pm. 
Doctors in public hospitals have called for a 24-hour strike; public hospitals will operate with emergency personnel. 
Dock workers are abstaining from work from 7 am to 10 am.


Finally, GSEE and ADEDY are calling for a demonstration at Klauthmonos Square today at 6pm.



Lorry drivers vow to continue their strike


Earlier today it was announced that lorry drivers have vowed to go ahead with their mobilisations, despite the law being voted in and the government openly threatening them with legal/ police action. In the general of their unions, 76 voted in favour of continuing, while only 6 voted against and 14 absented. Already, more than 7,000 containers with goods are across the country. The ministry for the police has declared that any lorry drivers blocking roads will be arrested and charged. (…)


From The Greek Streets, 29 septembre 2010.




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