Évros (Grèce) : Émeute et évasion au centre de rétention de Fylakion

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Une émeute a éclaté au centre de rétention d’Évros jeudi 2 décembre. Selon les policiers du centre, les retenus ont provoqué un court-circuit, ce qui a créé un black out. Des renforts de police ont été appelés. les migrants les ont accueillis en jetant sur eux de l’eau de javel.
Pendant l’émeute, quatre sans-papiers ont réussi à s’évader.
Brèves du désordre, 9 décembre 2010.


Riot at the Fylakion detention centre (Evros, Greece)


4 December. Last Tuesday, a riot broke out, one of the most serious to date, at the detention centre at Fylakion in the Evros region, near the town of Orestiada and the FRONTEX headquarters at the Greco-Turkish border. According to the policemen guarding the centre, the sans papiers immigrants short-circuited the electricity network causing a blackout, blocked the sewer system causing the overflow of waste and caused minor damages to the centre’s building.


Special police forces were called in from Orestiada and the sans papiers welcomed them by throwing chlorine detergent at them. They had been supplied bottles of chlorine so that they keep the prison clean by themselves, since no cleaning service is provided for the 3-year old detention centre, where up to 1000 refugees, including families with small children, are being held in a building designed to temporarily host 350 people at a time — with bad water, few toilets, no showers, and no medical or legal help.


During the riot, four sans papiers are said to have escaped.


Clandestinenglish, 4 décembre.



Message from 4 hunger strikers (Evros, Greece)


Message from the four Iranian refugees who sewed their lips and started a hunger strike in the detention center of Feres, Evros on November, 22 (they have been transferred to Soufli in a special “disciplinary cell”, where they continue they hunger strike).


Short history of (recent) hunger strikes by refugees in Greece


 Clandestinenglish, 2 décembre.


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