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Athènes : irruption dans un bureau du sous-secrétaire à la Justice

Des inconnus encapuchonnés armés de bâtons se sont introduits dans le bureau du sous-secrétaire à la Justice Apostolos Katsifaras, blessant deux collaborateurs. L’agression, selon les médias, a eu lieu au premier étage d’un immeuble situé dans le centre d’Athènes. Katsifaras ne se trouvait pas dans son bureau au moment de l’attaque.

Le secrétaire politique de Katsifaras, blessé durant l’attaque, a du être amené à l’hôpital. La police a déjà réalisé des arrestations dans le quartier anarchiste d’Exarchia.

Traduit de l’italien (Informa-Azione)
par Pagherete Tutto, 15 janvier 2010.

«Solidarité avec la lutte des pêcheurs égyptiens»

More news from the country…

Today, a few minutes after noon the political offices of the Sub-Minister of Justice Mr Katsifaras, in Exarchia were attacked by about 15 radicals who smashed the premises, causing serious damages to the building. The office is on the first floor. They also threw some leaflets. The Minister was at the time absent, but one of his ministerial secretary has been lightly injured. The same offices had come under arson attack on 26th of November 2009. Meanwhile the main courts of the country have once again been evacuated and remain closed after bomb warnings.

Prisoners in Grevena prisons have started a hunger strike since 11 of January, since the situation in this prisons is awful.

Meanwhile, just one day after the bomb at the parliament, another attack, arson attack this time, took place in central Athens, against the General Bank, that is just behind the Old Parliament. In the communique that was published they say that damages happened also to the military fund, that is situated next to the bank, and that the media did not report the incident. The signature was “Revolutionary Action Units - Commando Jules Bonnot”.

Egyptian fishworkers on strike in Nea Michaniona, near Thessaloniki. The bosses do not accept the union, that is on strike because of a reduction of their salary. Local rightwing citizens were gathered near the small port to break the strike, but the fishworkers did not stop. Today there is a demonstration organized by the union, by people in solidarity (anarchists mostly) and also by the CP controlled union (PAME) in Thessaloniki.

Farmers all around the country are ready to close main highways, starting from next Monday, as their demands were not accepted by the minister. The country is already cut at two one month now, due to a landslide that has blocked the main artery of the country, that connects north with south.

About the morning attack at the office of the minister on the fist floor: the attackers left behind on the street papers with slogans for anarchist prisoners. Rough translation of two:
“Freedom fights back. The reality of imprisonment will be hit in every aspect. Guards, finks, cops, ministers … our targets…”
“We assert back our hostage comrades Pol. Georgiadis & Vagg. Chrysoxoidis that are in trial on 2/2 for their active solidarity to the runaway V. Paleokostas. Solidarity to G. Dimitrakis, Il. Nikolaou, Ch. Stratigopoulos, Alf. Bonano, P. Masouras, Ch. Chatzimichelakis, Giospas and all prisoners that fight.”

After The Greek Riots, January 14th.

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