English Civil War

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The Clash

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When johnny comesMarching home againHes coming by bus or undergroundA womans eye will shed a tearTo see his face so beaten in fearAn it was just around the corner in the english civil warIt was still at the stage of clubs and fistsWhen that well-known face got beaten to bitsYour face was blue in the light of the screenAs we watched the speech of an animal screamThe new party army was marching right over our headsAlrightThere you are, ha ha, I told you soSays everybody that we knowBut who hid a radio under the stairsAn who got caught out on their unawares? When that new party army came marching right up the stairsWhen johnny comes marching home againNobody understands it can happen againThe sun is shining an the kids are shouting loudBut you gotta know its shining through a crack in the cloudAnd the shadows keep falling when johnny comes marching home